Built in late 1980, Cody Go Kart’s first season was in 1981. The park opened with a game room, bumper boats, and our figure-8 go kart track. The Super Speed Way figure-8 track features a computerized signal control speedway, bridge, and underpass. We are proud to say that our track is the fastest in its class in the state of Nebraska, and with recent improvements it is one of the smoothest. 

Additions began in 1983 with Big Blue the waterslide. The next installation was our Challenger Slick Track built in 1990. Two years later the two speed slides- The Bonsai, and the Whip – and Kiddie Tree Stump Slides were added making our Water Park complete. 

The Slick Track is given its namesake quality by sprinkling a special powder onto the track. The secret to the slickness was found after a great deal of testing. We experimented with commercial slick track powder, General Electric fluid film, paraffin wax, soap stone, acrylic sealers, and oil based sealers. After growing tired of being unable to find a satisfactory substance, Duanne created his own that we now call Bluestone. The powder gives the track a slick quality that rivals anything else. Only three tablespoons are needed to do the entire track. Duanne receives his secret ingredient all the way from Germany and sells Bluestone to parks all over the United States from New York to California and in between. We have to be careful how much we put on the track because it does get extremely slick. We also have a track sealer additive that reduces the amount of powder used by 50%. 

The Miniature Golf course is temporary, but fun none the less. A new and far more superior course is being built elsewhere in the park. When completed the existing holes will be moved to the permanent location. The course will feature 22 holes, a Frontier Mountain Scene, Ghost Town Theme, 17 waterfalls, 3 pool levels, waterwheel building, and underground cave with a waterfall. The cave also includes a spring and jail room. Even today the park is continually being improved to provide even more fun at Cody Go Karts.